Buying Advice

If you are considering to purchase a property to live in or as an investment then formulate a wish list and make it known to the agent is very important , you may be offered first to look at a property by the agent and you may achieve a fast & stress free purchase.

Not all of our properties for sale are advertised for confidentiality reasons, if you are ready to buy now, call us or fill your 'wish list' online and we will find you a home.

Wish list:

• Set your budget in advance before searching any properties
• Get a pre-approved finance to assure the set budget
• Set the areas you ideally looking for
• Set the type of home you prefer to purchase e.g. ( apartment, house etc)

Other essentialities:

• Compare property value by monitoring the market through advertising
• Monitor the capital growth in the desired area for the last 10-15 years
• Prepare a list of professionals who can do an expert search for desired
property to eliminate any concerns you have (e.g. builder report, pest control,
architect or independent agent).

Property is an exciting investment and is also relatively safe with good, solid returns. However, it is important to know what sort of property to buy and when to buy it. Good market research is essential.

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